School Readiness

45 Minute Screening Sessions with a registered Psychologist now available at Accoras Psychology Services Kedron


Help your child to prepare with a one-on-one school readiness screening, performed by one of our experienced psychologists

Knowing whether your child is truly ready to start school is more than just about how well they can write their name and remember their numbers and colours – it’s about their overall development and wellbeing. Wondering about whether they are ready is completely normal, and our school readiness screening service is designed to help you feel confident that you are making the right decision for your little person.

Starting school will be an entirely new experience and routine for your child – they’ll need to eat a packed lunch, follow a new routine, start to learn to sit still and be more independent in their toileting. Our screening service will provide you with guidance about your child’s readiness to start school, and strategies to make their transition as smooth as possible, while putting your mind at ease.

Following an easy and holistic one-on-one 45 minute screening, our experienced Psychologists provide feedback, individualised recommendations and a brief report to help you determine whether your child is ready to start school. You’ll also receive guidance and suggestions on things you can do at home to support their social and emotional wellbeing and cognitive development, whether they are ready for school or not. We can also provide information and referrals to help support their mental health and wellbeing if needed.

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