Our United Health Education and Learning Program (UHELP) aims to actively engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in physical, social and emotional well-being activities through a three tiered holistic group program, through using a culturally valid and appropriate system of care.

Delivered through our headspace Inala centre, and in partnership with the local Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Program (SPAMHP), Inala Elders and the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, UHELP taps into cultural learning styles and strengths to actively engage young people in wellbeing promotion activities.

UHELP has helped to bring about some highly positive and measurable changes in the well-being of our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. The AISRAP evaluation of the program found that it was the first program in Australia to successfully reduce suicidality amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. UHELP participants also experienced decreased depression and anxiety, as well as an improvement in their ability and coinfidence to seek help.

Additional positive impacts brought about by the success of UHELP include a large increase in the number of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending headspace Inala.

A wide-ranging review and consultation process was used to develop the content of the social and emotional wellbeing group content. Research on the critical relationship between physical exercise, diet and education to improve mental health outcomes and strengthen emotional resilience also guided the development and format of UHELP.

The program is founded on four key components: awareness, engagement, learning and ongoing support. It integrates a suite of learning, personal development, team building and mentoring strategies to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of participants.                                                                                                                             

For more information about UHELP, please call the headspace Inala team on 3727 5000, or contact us.