The Accoras team is proud to work with many local communities and businesses with education services.


Our United Health Education and Learning Program (UHELP) aims to actively engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in physical, social and emotional well-being activities through a three tiered holistic group program, through using a culturally valid and appropriate system of care. Delivered through our headspace Inala centre, and in partnership with the local Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Program (SPAMHP), Inala Elders and the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, UHELP taps into cultural learning styles and strengths to actively engage young people in wellbeing promotion activities. For more information about UHELP, please call the headspace Inala team on 3727 5000, or contact us.

Triple P

The Triple P: Positive Parenting Program is an Australian course backed by more than 30 years of research and success. In an Accoras Triple P course, parents learn about strategies for their situation, talk and share stories with other parents and refer to the comprehensive Triple P manual provided to take home and keep. Triple P helps parents use their parenting skills positively in a range of situations, focusing on setting limits, guiding children positively and helping parents establish what is acceptable - and what is not! The program is suitable for parents of children aged 0 to 12 years old. For more information about Triple P, please call our Family Mental Health Support Service team on 3255 6555 (South Brisbane) or 5679 3300 (Gold Coast), or contact us

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, or who is in a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional treatment is received or the crisis resolves. The skills learned in Mental Health First Aid areuseful in everyday life, including in supporting partners, family members, friends, colleagues or customers. The Accoras Mental Health First Aid courses provide participants with an opportunity to hear case studies and share their experiences and questions. Participants will leave equipped with the confidence and skills to support students, colleagues, customers and family members in need, with a strong understanding of the positive outcomes which can occur when Mental Health First Aid is applied. For more information about Mental Health First Aid, please call our Family Mental Health Support Service team on 3255 6555 (South Brisbane) or 5679 3300 (Gold Coast), or contact us

Partnership with Wilston Grange Gorillas AFL Club

Accoras has developed a collaborative partnership with the Gorillas, which sees us participating in their charity events (including the 'Brook Run' fun run) and delivering mental health-focused education and information to their players, coaches, parents and club staff, as supported by funding provided by the Brisbane City Council.

Cultural Capacity Building Training

Accoras regularly funds and provides access to professional development training for our community partners, including a free, full-day 'Cultural Capacity Building' workshop delivered to community and health workers from over 40 local organisations. 

Clinical Governance Framework Development

In 2017, we supported the creation of a clinical governance framework for the Mental Illness Fellowship of Queensland, providing the process and content for development of the framework, as well as the training and implementation plan to support its use across the organisation.


Mindkit is a series of complementary workshops designed for organisations who want a workplace culture that encourages productive behaviour and mentally healthy employees. Workshops are tailored to specific industries, workplaces, situations and age groups, so each business gets exactly what it needs. Mindkit workshops show businesses how to get the best out of their workplace and their employees, by providing knowledge and strategies for dealing with challenging situations which affect mental wellbeing in the workplace. They provide effective tools for employers and employees alike, building their confidence and ability to effectively manage challenges relating to emotional and behavioural difficulties, including mental illness. Mindkit workshops range from 2 to 14 hours, and can be stand-alone or delivered hierarchically, with management and general employees receiving complimentary information. For more information about our Mindkit workshops, or schedule one for your organisation, please contact us.